How GPs can help solve the crisis in A&E

A & E hasn’t been out of the news recently and it is something the Federation has been working on closely.

The Federation have been working closely with the Acute Trust since June 2014 to provide a GP in A&E every day of the year.

Triage directs appropriate patients to this GP and this is designed to see whether experienced local GPs can reduce investigations, waiting times, turnaround times, admissions and cost while maintaining high quality care.

The CCG and A&E department have been working non-stop over the festive period to maintain the system and keep it running. In support of this the Federation were asked if we could help out by providing additional support and extra hours.

We would like to thank Dr Karen Hegarty, Dr James Mather and Dr Isabel Alford, who kindly stepped in to help at short notice. You can find out how to get involved with this project by taking a look at our Job Opportunities page.