Older People Learning Set

SW Healthcare is supporting an informal learning set started by Dr Maggie Keeble for GPs interested in Older Peoples Medicine. The purpose of the set is three- fold

  • firstly to support anyone wanting to study for the Diploma in Geriatric Medicine (preparing for the written exam in August)
  •  secondly  to share  up-to-date knowledge and information about older peoples care
  •  thirdly as a peer support group – particularly in relation to cases relating to the care of the Elderly

Meetings are every other week at the moment alternating between Wednesday and Thursday evenings at 7.30pm in Worcester City.

The preliminary timetable for the next few meetings is as follows:

22/1/15 Falls and funny turns/Fractures and Osteoporosis
4/2/15 Pharmacology/Analgesia/Medication Rationalization
19/2/15 Mental Capacity/Legal/Ethics Issues
4/3/15 Rehabilitation

For more information please contact Maggie on 07798 602632 or maggie.keeble@nhs.net