What is a ‘Federation’?

A Federation is an organisation made up of a large number of NHS General Practices in one area who form an alliance to fund an ‘umbrella organisation’ to share responsibility for a range of functions, which may include developing, or providing services, training and education, back office functions, safety and clinical governance (monitoring clinical care excellence).

Why now?

The NHS is under extreme pressure for a number of reasons, not least because inflation in healthcare runs perhaps 5% on average above true inflation. This is because advances in medical science in terms of medications, procedures and equipment are made all of the time, but are often more expensive than their predecessors. In addition, the population is aging and this itself is a challenge as older people tend to have a larger number of more complex conditions to treat.

What can patients do?

We would very much like the public to see SW Healthcare (as the body responsible for the federation) to be part of the solution to the challenges your local GP practice face. We are planning to co-ordinate local Patient Participation Groups (PPG) leads in a group to help fine tune our services.

The pressures on the NHS mean that GP appointments are stretched to the limit. We can all help our local GP Practices by finding out a little more about our condition before deciding if we need an appointment. If we can save just 5% of appointments, there will be much more availability when we really need a GP.

The following links are to accredited health information websites available for the public: Patient UK – patient information leaflets and the same guidance all South Worcestershire GPs use in their consultations NHS Choices – symptom checker, advice on illnesses, health and care needs all in one website


Other links about health services and General practice: The Clinical commissioning Group commissions most of the health services you rely on. The CCG plans, pays for and monitors the quality of these services Royal College of General Practitioners’ patient information homepage – all about how to get the most out of your local GP Practice.

Our business is growing

SW Healthcare is a federation of GP practices offering innovative healthcare systems and an excellent patient experience across South Worcestershire.
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Working with the NHS

SW Healthcare supports and develops in-house primary care expertise, enabling us to expand our services within the NHS and private arena.
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SW Healthcare will bring clinical excellence in a professional, efficient and dynamic manner to the new world of primary care.