Requirements – Confirmation

As part of the revalidation process, nurses must be able to demonstrate to an appropriate person that they have met the revalidation process. Where possible, your confirmer should be your line manager, this does not have to be another NMC registrant. If you do not have a line manager, another NMC registrant or healthcare professional can be your confirmer (GP, Dentist, Pharmacist). If you have more than one line manager, you should decide which line manager is most appropriate, ideally this will be the line manager with which you undertake the most work.

Confirmation should take place in the final year of a nurses three year registration period. The confirmation discussion should take place face to face and in an appropriate setting. This can take place as part of an appraisal.

There are several benefits for nurses in having confirmations including providing assurance, an increase in support, higher levels of engagement with nursers and their confirmers and giving nurses more accountability for their own practice and improvement. This requirement also gives the NMC an additional layer of assurance that nurses are complying with the revalidation requirements.

Confirmation is not about judging whether a nurse or midwife is fit to practise and does not involve making this judgment.


Meeting the requirements:

  • Confirmation involves having a face to face discussion, or video conference if necessary, about your revalidation with your confirmer. Nurses must demonstrate that they have complied with all of the revalidation requirements (except the professional indemnity arrangement and health and character requirements).
  • Confirmation should take place during the final 12 months of the three year renewal period to ensure that it is recent. If confirmation has been obtained earlier than this, the NMC may question why.
  • Here is a link to the NMCs Guide to being a confirmer. You should ensure that your confirmer has read this.
  • You must use the confirmation form provided by the NMC.
  • This form should be kept for your records.

Click here to download the form


Completing your online application

The online application will ask you:

  • To declare the name of confirmer, NMC pin or professional identification number (where relevant), email, professional address including postcode and contact number.
  • Whether you have a regular appraisal and whether your line manager is an NMC registrant so that the NMC can understand the level of support you have received to complete your revalidation.

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