Requirements – Practice Hours

You must have practiced for a minimum number of hours over the three years since your registration was last renewed or you joined the register:


Registration Minimum total of Practice hours required
Nurse 450
Nurse and SCPHN 450
Nurse and Midwife (including Nurse/SCPHN and Midwife/SCPHN) 900 (to include 450 hours for nursing and 450 hours for midwifery)


*SCPHN means a registered nurse of midwife who is also registered in the Speciality Community Public Health Nurses’ part of the register.

  • If you have practised for fewer than the required number of hours over the three years, you must successfully complete an appropriate return to practise programme approved by the NMC before the date of your application for renewal of registration. (
  • Registered nurses or midwives who are registered to another part of the register since their last renewal or they joined the register only need to meet the practice hours requirement for their initial registration. The requirement of hours for both parts will need to be met in subsequent three year renewal periods.

This requirement is designed to help maintain safe and effective practise whilst keeping your skills up to date.


Meeting these requirements:

  • You can only count hours worked whilst you were registered.
  • These hours should be met whilst delivering a role where you rely on your skills, knowledge and experience as a registered nurse.
  • Practice hours should reflect your current scope of practice and do not have to be related to your original field of practice when you first joined the register. Complying with the Code, you have the duty to recognise and work within the limits of your competence.
  • If you have had a career break, you can still meet the practice hours requirement if you have completed the required number of hours during the three year period.
  • If you have not undertaken any type of work which relied on your skills, knowledge or experience as a registered nurse, there are two options:
  1. You can complete an appropriate NMC approved return to practise programme before the date of your revalidation application.
  2. You can cancel your registration. You will continue to hold a nursing qualification but will not be a registered nurse. You can apply for readmission to register in the future if you wish to practise as a nurse again.  If you choose not to renew your registration and lapse from the register, you cannot record any hours of work undertaken in a role after the date you ceased to be registered for the purpose of seeking readmission.

The NMC recommends keeping a record of practice hours you have completed as you go and have provided a template to use and a sample of how to complete it.

Click here to download the template

Please note, this information will form part of the discussion with your confirmer. This information will also need to be readily available in case the NMC request to see it for verification of your application.


If you wish to record this information in a different format, your records should include:

  • Dates of practice
  • The number of hours per practice, this can be recorded as standard working days or weeks
  • Name and full addresses of the organisations in which the work was undertook
  • Scope of Practice
  • Work Setting
  • A description of the work you undertook
  • Evidence of these hours e.g. timesheets, job specifications


Completing your online application

The online application will ask you:

  • To declare that you have met the requirement. The form will ask you for the most recent hours worked to complete the minimum number of hours. If you are practising in more than one location, you should use the one that you consider to be your main setting.
  • Whether you are currently practising and if so where you undertake that practice, including details of your scope of practice and work setting. If you are not currently practicing, you will need to explain, where you undertook your most recent practice and the scope of your practice and work setting.

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