Requirements – Practice Related Feedback

  • To obtain five pieces of practice-related feedback in the three year period.


This requirement will encourage nurses to become more responsive to patients and service users needs, using the feedback to assess and make improvements to their practice.


Meeting the requirements

The NMC recommend obtaining feedback from a number of different sources, including:

  • Patients, Service Users, Carers or students as part of your day to day role
  • Colleagues such as other nurses and healthcare professionals
  • Colleagues in management, reception, assistant positions
  • Complaints received
  • Team performance reports
  • Significant event reviews
  • Feedback given during your appraisal


Feedback can be about your individual practice, team or organisation. It can be formal or informal, written or verbal and positive or constructive. You must seek consent if extracting the feedback from your employers information. Any information used must not contain any individuals (patient or colleagues, alive or deceased) details. If you choose to request feedback or use feedback from your employer or colleague, you must be clear in your request that no identifiable information should be used and of how you intend to use their feedback.

The NMC recommend keeping a log of feedback you have received and to include how you used this to improve your practice to aid you when preparing for your reflective accounts. The NMC have provided a template to record this information. You may choose to keep more feedback but will only need five pieces to meet the requirement.

Click here to download the template

Completing your online application

The online application will ask you:

  • To declare that you have met the feedback requirement.



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