Requirements – Professional Indemnity Arrangement

The NMC requires a declaration that you have appropriate cover under an indemnity arrangement in place when practicing.   By law you must have appropriate indemnity cover in order to practice and provide care. Most employers provide appropriate indemnity cover for their employers, so please check with your employer.  While the arrangement does not have to be held individually by you, it is your responsibility to ensure appropriate cover is in place. If a nurse is found to be practicing without appropriate indemnity cover, you will be removed from the NMC register and unable to practise.   Meeting the requirements: Please refer to the NMCs information on professional indemnity arrangement which defines appropriate cover for various roles and levels of employment.

  • This declaration will need to be made as part of your online revalidation application.
  • The NMC recommends that you retain all evidence that you have appropriate indemnity in place.
  • If your arrangement in provided through membership of a professional body or private insurance arrangement, your declaration should be based on having in place an indemnity arrangement which provides appropriate cover in relation to your scope of practice.
  • Your confirmer does not need to check that you have met this requirement.

Completing your online application The online application will ask you:

  • To inform the NMC whether your indemnity arrangement is through your employer , membership of a professional body or a private insurance arrangement.
  • If you are not practicing at this time, you must declare that you intend to have appropriate cover in place before you begin practicing again.
  • If your indemnity is provided through membership of a professional body or a private insurance arrangement, you will need to provide the name of the provider.

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