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Community Hospitals

SW Healthcare has been working closely with the CCG and HACW regarding future provision of medical cover for Tenbury, Malvern Pershore and Evesham community hospitals and for WICU in Worcester.  It is felt that better care can be provided by having fewer GPs spending longer looking after patients in these settings more regularly and consistently, and by formalising arrangements as per the model established in Powys. The aims of this are to provide better continuity of care, reduced length of stays and better outcomes for patients. Final arrangements are ongoing between interested practices and SW Healthcare and the new service will come into effect from June 2014.

SW Healthcare believes community hospitals are of vital importance for the future of locally delivered services.  We expect to see expanded services in Malvern and Evesham hospitals both in terms of out-patient facilities, procedures and management of more patients for urgent care as well as extended MIU facilities.

GP Enhanced Services

SW Healthcare are delighted to have been awarded a prime contractor status to manage the local enhanced services contract worth £2.4 million pounds per annum on behalf of our local member practices. This award brings a multitude of benefits for our members and patients. It ensures services continue to be delivered by local NHS providers and reduces the need for commissioners to look elsewhere for this provision. By working together and co-ordinating generally the administrative burden for practices, this leads to more collaborative work to guarantee that all patients in South Worcestershire have access to these services now and in the future.

GP in Accident and Emergency

We have been asked to place a GP in the A&E department of WRH for 10 – 12 hours a day seeing appropriately triaged patients. The aims of the pilot are to determine if regular sessions of experienced local GPs can reduce investigations, waiting times, turnaround times, admissions and cost whilst maintaining high quality care. The pilot will run from June 2014.


Vasectomy Services

SW Healthcare has protected 2 local providers in securing an AQP (Any Qualified Provider) contract. Due to the rule changes, the current provision would have been lost without this. SW Healthcare plans to work to complement the service already provided by the Worcestershire Health and Care Trust Sexual Health Service and retain vasectomy provision within current local NHS providers.



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