Training academy

The continued educational and professional development of all clinical staff within our member surgeries is a key strategic priority of SW Healthcare as we seek to maintain the high standard of general practice in our region. The ability to manage more in the community and provide proactive care for our sicker patients is also of critical importance to the success of secondary care and SWCCG. We are fortunate to have good links with Professor Veronica Wilkie (Academic and Learning Lead SWCCG and Professor of Primary Care, Institute of Health and Society Worcester University) and are building a collaborative working relationship with the University of Worcester to support the education of health professionals locally.

Our Federated model offers added resilience to our practices who are all facing unprecedented demands on appointments with spiralling challenges/targets, a shift of work from secondary care and an increasing complexity of conditions – all in the context of a devastating fall in funding for GP services. Our ability to centralise core functions/training and coordinate regional projects on behalf of the South Worcestershire surgeries offers economies of scale and efficiencies in time/finance to free up staff to focus on other critical in-house work.

 We have also recognised a desire in the pharmaceutical industry to learn about the rapidly changing primary landscape so that it can understand how best to now engage with GPs, both as commissioners and in emerging federations, to develop relevant products that support work in the NHS.

 The SW Healthcare Training Academy is, therefore, presently involved in the following areas:



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SW Healthcare is a federation of GP practices offering innovative healthcare systems and an excellent patient experience across South Worcestershire.
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SW Healthcare supports and develops in-house primary care expertise, enabling us to expand our services within the NHS and private arena.
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SW Healthcare will bring clinical excellence in a professional, efficient and dynamic manner to the new world of primary care.